Wonder of the World…

DSCN7725 DSCN7795Niagara falls is one of the best places I have visited. it shows the true beauty of nature. Simply no words to explain the essence of this place. It was just remarkable no words….

Worth watching it…


fakeness vs Truth….

Sometimes a moment comes when you see everything is just going against you…a bitter reality comes in front of you, an incident happens that you never expects froma person, but it happens….its just because life wanted to show you that who is actually with you…. at that time your heart breaks but its just that your life wants youget rid off those people who are’nt meant for you…its your wrong choice so you are given another chance to chose a better person, true friend who you can trust blindly….sometimes you just choose wrong people then time shows you…I usually take every bit very sensitively and seriously but this time it just ruined my trust…

Still I am glad as on the other hand life has given soo much some REALLY good friends who respect FRIENDSHIP and know me very well and my dear family…. when i look at these things i just sit quietly observe the blessings and thank God for giving me such beautiful relationships and i just forget what just happened but my everlasting family and friends who will remain there for me, who wants me to be happy and it brings a big smile and a tear of  joy then I proudly say that I AM HAPPY I AM HAPPY no matter what  I AM HAPPY for those who love me…..
THANK YOU soo mch GOD thank you soo mch  🙂


Every king was once a crying baby, and Every building was once a map.. It’s not important who You are today, Most important thing is WHERE U’ll reach tomorow, And Never b proud of what position u hold, Because after a game of chess, The king and the soldiers go into the same BOX.

In my views this really is the key to success.Humbleness helps a lot in achieving our aims and goals ..I have noticed that we become arrogant just because of  our past achivements without thinking of our present our future. we leave the hardwork we had done to get that aim and starts thinking that we will get our goals without the dedication and burning the midnight…

I guess its my story too.. I hope that I will work hard for the future as atleast i have a feeling that i am not doing my best..Please do help me it encourages me a lot…and give me feedback so that I can know which kinds of posts my readers like 🙂

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just do it!!

IF YOU born poor,it is not your mistake, but if you die poor,it will your mistake.
Born with personality is an accident,but dying in personality is an achievement.
Your birth may be normal,but your death should be history.
Like all,trust few.
Follow none,but learn from every one.
Practice like DEVIL and play like an ANGEL.
DO or DIE is an old concept
“D0 IT BEFORE DEATH” is a new concept…!!



Old is Gold!!!

Around the corner I’ve a friend ,In  this city that has no end…The days go by and weeks rush on,And before i know a year has gone…

I never see my old friend’s face

Now we are busy, tired people….

Tired of playing a foolish game ,

Tired of trying to make a name

Everyday i say i’ll call my friend…
Just to show that i am thinking of him

But tommorw comes and tommorow goes…

And the distance grows and grows…

Around the corner yet miles away, here is a telegram;

                “Sir, he died today” 😥

Around the corner, a vanished friend,

That’s what we get and desrve at the end!!



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